About Austin , TX



No matter where we go, people, ask us about Austin Texas all the time. We love to share the tales of our beautiful city. Besides boasting some of the nicest people on planet earth we are also very environmentally consensus. We love to take our dogs to lunch and work and genuinely care about the welfare of others. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Austin Mortage Associates, I and my family have called Austin home for over 35 years. Prior to that, I was born and raised in Dallas TX. It is my hope you will find a wonderful home for yourself and your family in Austin. It would be my honor to take that journey with you. Please feel free to reach out if I can answer any questions for you about our amazing city.

Austin is the capital of Texas and is nicknamed the ‘live music capital of the world.’ The current population is just under 800,000 and the area spans 305.1 square miles. The nightlife and daylife in Austin are second to none.

According to the US News and World Report, Austin was ranked as the #1 place in the US to live in 2017. Forbes also ranked Austin the best city in America in 2019, and in 2012 the FBI ranked Austin as the second-safest major city in the US.

Top things to do in Austin are The Zilker Park for kayaking, the Texas State Capitol building, Lady Bird Lake for running, fishing and hiking, The Barton Springs Pool and Lake Travis for fishing and camping.

Looking for a great education for your children? Then look no further than the Texas school system. According to US News and World Report, we have an exceptional educational system.

For more information on upcoming events, things to do, concerts and tours, please visit the Austin local homepage at https://www.austintexas.org/.

What are you waiting for? Welcome to Texas Y’all!